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    Charles University
    Malostranske namesti 25    
    118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

    Year 2000


    Meeting October 9, 2000 Brcalnik, Czech Republic The meeting was held by the occasion of scientific meeting organized by the members of International DIMATIA (October 9.-13. 2000)


    • Report 1999 - 2000
      • Past activities
      • Future events and activities
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion


    Brcalnik meeting was attended by both domestic and international participants. The present DIMATIA participating institutions were represented as follows:
    O. Serra (Departament de Llenguatges i Sistemis Informatics, Universitat politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona)
    J. Nesetril (Charles University, Prague)
    E. Sopena (LaBRI, Bordeaux)
    K. Segeth (Mathematical Institute of ASCR, Prague)
    M. Tuchanova (University of West Bohemia, Pilsen)
    V. Janota (Charles University, Prague)
    R. Cada (University of West Bohemia, Pilsen)
    A. Raspaud (LaBRI, Bordeaux)
    B. Codenotti (Institute for Computational Mathematics, Pisa)
    H. Polisenska (Charles University, Prague)
    These representatives took part in the DIMATIA business meeting held on October 10, 2000.

    REPORT 1999 - 2000

    The report of DIMATIA activities since last meeting in October 1999 was given by the director of DIMATIA.

    Past activities

    • DIMATIA proudly entered 5th year of it's existence
    • DIMATIA organized traditional meetings: International Spring School on Combinatorics (May 17 - 27, 2000), Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop (August 6 - 11, 2000) and for the second time international exchange of students with DIMACS, New Jersey (August 2-18, 2000)
    • as planned on the last meeting DIMATIA started electronic conference and the electronic databank of preprints (DIMATIA electronic series) was founded at University of West Bohemia
    • in January 2000 accepted DIMATIA with pleasure a new member - Computer Technology Institute (CTI), Patras Greece
    • budget of DIMATIA is balanced, mainly thanks to Prague branch of DIMATIA; Charles University contributed 200 000,- CZK
    • during spring and summer 2 postdocs started to work at DIMATIA in Prague: Joseph Sawada, Timothy Marshall,
    • long term visitors in Prague: Claude Tardif, Pavol Hell and Bruce Reed
    • on July 1st 2000 new center of theoretical computer science ITI closely related to DIMATIA started it's work at Charles University - joint project of Charles University, Prague, Mathematical Institute of ASCR, Prague, Institute of Computer Science of ASCR, Prague, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen - focused on young scientists; the center is presently proposed for 5 years

    Future events and activities

    • DIMATIA enters the last year of the grant with DIMACS, New Jersey
    • for the next year two meetings are planned: joint DIMACS-DIMATIA Workshop on Graphs, Homomorphisms, and Statistical Physics (DIMACS Center - Rutgers, March 19 - 23, 2001), Annual meeting of DIMATIA, Barcelona, September 2001
    • proceedings of the ESA `99 conference will be published by TCS


    In broad an extensive discussion all participants took part. It was committed mostly to following themes and ideas:

    • although DIMATIA found at the time being optimal scheme of its existence which is fruitful for all participants, DIMATIA does not want to loose its dynamics
    • DIMATIA wants to stay open for all people who want either to join it either to cooperate with it
    • all members should try to enforce contacts with "inactive" or less active members
    • DIMATIA should try to apply for the EC grant within the new circumstances:
      • EC is changing slightly it's priorities and is shifting it's interests from applied to fundamental research
      • deadline for the application is March 2001, first draft should be finished before the end of the year
      • fundamental is the representative and leader which should be after the experience from the last year some traditional institution within the territory of EC
      The questions of EC grant was left open and the discussion will continue on DIMATIA e-mail conference.


    Participants came to agreement of views in all discussed items. DIMATIA will continue in all its activities. One of the main tasks for the next year remains the application for EC grant.