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    Charles University
    Malostranske namesti 25    
    118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

    Year 1997

    Overview of Events

    January 1997 DIMATIA started its regular work.

    Spring 1997 DIMATIA started to run its own web pages at http://www.ms.mff.cuni.cz/acad/kam/dimatia/.

    April 13-18, 1997 Spring School of Combinatorics, Borova Lada: Traditional meeting of students and their teachers. For the first time organized by DIMATIA. Proceedings were published in KAM-DIMATIA Series.

    May 13, 1997 Newly refurbished offices of the center were festively opened at Department of Applied Mathematics (School of Computer Science). Offices were offered by Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Official program of DIMATIA Opening Day included interesting talks of Zsolt Tuza, Margit Voigt and Jan Nekovar who gave the 30th Mathematical Colloquium. DIMATIA was also greeted by toasts of heads of founding institutions (B. Sedlak, K. Segeth and K. Kadlec) and refreshment in the new seminar room of DIMATIA.

    May 1997 short term visitors

    • J. Nekovar (Cambridge)
    • M. Voigt (Ilmenau)
    • Z. Tuza (Budapest)

    May 13, 1997 30th Mathematical Colloquium: talk given by Jan Nekovar ("Values of theta-functions").

    May 19-25, 1997 One of the first DIMATIA's larger projects was organizing the conference Future of Discrete Mathematics, which was held at Stirin castle. It was organized jointly with DIMACS. The meeting was successful and pleasant not only because of beautiful park and interiors of the fully preserved baroque castle, but also because of presence of large number of interesting people and talks.
    Proceedings were published by American Mathematical Society.

    Summer 1997 short term visitors

    • A. Raspaud (Bordeaux), (in the framework of The Barrande project)
    • M. Miller (Newcastle)
    • E. Dahlhaus (Koln)

    July 28 - August 1, 1997 Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop V The workshop continued the tradition of Prague Combinatorial Workshops held since 1993. Oriented on problems of all fields of graph theory, combinatorics and discrete geometry, it continued in the spirit and informal working atmosphere of the previous meetings. This year we had 25 international participants (including the last visit of P. Erdos to Prague).
    Proceedings were published in KAM-DIMATIA Series.

    August 1997 DIMATIA was elected as a site of the Seventh Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA) for the year 1999.

    September 1997 The first scholarship of DIMATIA was given to Josef Solymosi (Budapest).

    September 14-16, 1997 Graphs &; Geometry Workshop. This workshop was intended for researchers working in all aspects of graph theory related to geometrical issues and in discrete geometry. In pleasant milieu of DIMATIA center were invited lectures by Victor Klee (Seattle), Robin Thomas (Atlanta), Janos Pach (New York) and Hubert de Fraysseix (Paris) followed by informal and extensive discussions.

    November 1997 Our doctoral student Tomas Kaiser was awarded The Price of Hlavka's Foundation which is given each year to young Czech researchers for outstanding achievement in science.

    November 1997 short term visitors

    • E. Sopena (Bordeaux), (in the framework of The Barrande project)
    • P. Hell (Vancouver)

    November 1997 Ton Kloks from Utrecht started his one-year lasting postdoctoral position. During his stay at DIMATIA he wrote several articles.

    December 1997 short term visitors

    • V. Strassen (Konstanz)
    • O. Baudon (Bordeaux), (in the framework of The Barrande project)
    • H. Muller (Jena)

    December 1997 Rolf Niedermeier from Tuebingen started his one-year lasting postdoctoral position, which was offered jointly with Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung. During his stay at DIMATIA he wrote several articles.

    December 4, 1997 31th Mathematical Colloquium: talk given by Volker Strassen (Algebra and Complexity).

    December 11, 1997 DIMATIA co-organized joint LaBRI-DIMATIA one-day miniconference Journee Graphes at LaBRI, University of Bordeaux. The miniconference was organized in terms of The Barrande project.

    Teaching Activities

    During 1997 members of Prague group of DIMATIA provided following seminars and lectures:

    • Combinatorial Seminar (Klazar, Kratochvil, Loebl, Matousek, Nesetril, Valtr)
    • Cryptography Seminar (Pudlak)
    • Discrete Mathematics (Kratochvil, Matousek)
    • Combinatorics, Graph Theory (Nesetril)
    • Probabilistic Methods (Matousek)
    • Algorithms (Kucera)
    • Partition Theory (Nesetril)
    • Graph Representation (Kratochvil, Hlineny)
    • Computational Geometry (Matousek, Valtr)
    • Recent Trends in Computer Science (jointly DIMATIA: Krajicek, Matousek, Sgall, Pudlak, Kratochvil, Nesetril)
    • Derandomization Methods (Sgall)
    • Complexity Classes, Lovasz theta-function (Turzik)