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    Charles University
    Malostranske namesti 25    
    118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

    Year 1998

    Overview of Events

    March 1998 Short term visitors:

    • K. Reuter (Hamburg)

    April 1998 Short term visitors:

    • P. Rossmanith (Munchen)

    April 7, 1998 32nd Mathematical Colloquium: talk given by Jennifer Chayes ("Birth of the Infinite Cluster: Finite-size Scaling in Percolation").

    April 20-24, 1998 Spring School of Combinatorics, Borova Lada. Traditional meeting of students and their teachers.

    May 1998 Short term visitors:

    • S. Brandt (Berlin)
    • R. Zivalijevic (Beograd)

    June 8-10, 1998 Joint DIMACS-DIMATIA workshop From Erdos to Algorithms (shortly e2a), DIMACS, New Jersey. Organized by Joel Spencer (DIMACS) and Jaroslav Nesetril (DIMATIA). The workshop was intended not only to remember the memory of Paul Erdos, but also to illustrate the influence of P. Erdos's mathematics on modern branches of mathematics and computer science.
    Abstracts were published in KAM-DIMATIA Series.

    July 6-11, 1998 Fifth Czech-Slovak International Symposium on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algorithms and Applications, Suchdol Campus of Agricultural University, Prague. The Symposium was organized by DIMATIA in cooperation with the majority of Czech and Slovak universities and academic institutions as the fifth in a series of symposia which started with 1963 Smolenice meeting and continued in 1974, 1982 (Prague) and 1990 (Prachatice). This year there were more than 200 participants from all over the world. The scientific program, divided into five sections, covered almost all aspects of contemporary combinatorics and graph theory from both the theoretical and applied viewpoints.
    Proceedings of the symposium will be published by Elsevier North-Holland as a special volumes of Discrete Mathematics. Abstracts were published in KAM-DIMATIA Series.

    August 1998 Joint DIMACS-DIMATIA workshop On Computational Geometry, DIMATIA, Prague. Workshop was organized by Jiri Matousek and Pavel Valtr. Several international leaders participated (R. Shamir (Tel Aviv), B. Chazelle (Princeton)).

    October 1998 Short term visitors:

    • P. Hell (Burnaby)

    October 1998 DIMATIA was jointly with LaBRI, Bordeaux, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat Bonn and Humboldt Universitat, Berlin awarded an EU grant in terms of IP-Socrates Program to support The International Spring School of Combinatorics '99.

    November 1998 Short term visitors:

    • S. McGuiness (Umea)
    • H. J. Promel (Berlin)

    November 1998 DIMATIA was jointly with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey awarded a grant in terms of REU Program to support international exchange visitors program of students.

    December 1998 Joint LaBRI-DIMATIA workshop Journee Graphes at LaBRI, University of Bordeaux, continued the tradition of miniconferences successfully started in the year 1997.

    Teaching Activities

    During 1998 members of Prague group of DIMATIA provided following seminars and lectures:

    • Graphs and Algorithms for Mathematicians (Kratochvil})
    • Combinatorial and Computational Geometry (Matousek, Valtr)
    • Mathematical Programming and Polyedral Combinatorics (Valtr)
    • Combinatorics and Graph Theory II (Kratochvil)
    • Applications of Linear Algebra in Combinatorics (Kratochvil)
    • Combinatorial Structures (Kratochvil)
    • Seminar from Computational Complexity (Sgall, Pudlak)
    • Probabilistic Algorithms (Sgall)
    • Cryptography Seminar (Pudlak)
    • Combinatorial Computing (Klazar)
    • Introduction to Number Theory (Klazar)
    • Partition Theory (Nesetril)
    • Combinatorial Seminar (Matousek, Nesetril)