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COMBSTRU is a Research Training Network funded through the European Commission, whose main scientific goal is the analysis of intractable combinatorial problems, focusing on structural properties of the problems and using tools from algebra, logic, probability, geometry, statistical physics and other fields. Training of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers through appointed positions, workshops and summer schools is a main issue in the network.

We announce a limited number of positions for young researchers at pre- or post-doctoral level starting September 2002, at the sites listed below.

Applicants wishing to apply to one of the sites should email the contact person their CV (which includes academic degree, previous research experience), and research interests/short research plan along those indicated for the corresponding network site. Each applicant should indicate two persons who can provide further information and/or reference. The deadline for submitting applications is june 15, 2002.

Please always send a Carbon Copy (CC) of your message to Marc Noy <> and to Jaroslav Nesetril <> The appointments will be evaluated by COMBSTRU representatives and the applicants will be notified by JUNE 30, 2002.

Appointments can be made up to a maximum of 3 years, although normally are intended for 1 or 2 years. Appointments for less than one year will be considered too. Post-doctoral salaries are based on EU recommendations for Marie Curie Fellowships. Please check in advance required conditions for eligibility at

1. Barcelona. UPC

Marc Noy <>

2. Berlin. Freie Univ., Humbodlt Univ. and Tech. Univ.

Helmut Alt <>

3. Bielefeld. Bielefeld University

Rudolph Ahlswede <>

4. Bordeaux. LABRI, Univ. Bordeaux I

Andre Raspaud: <>

5. Budapest. Renyi Institute (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and Eotvos University

Ervin Gyori <>

6. Oxford. Oxford University

Dominic Welsh <>

7. Patras. CTI

Paul Spirakis <>

8. Pisa. CNR-IMC

Marco Pellegrini <>

9. Prague. DIMATIA, Charles University

Jiri Matousek <>, Jaroslav Nesetril <>
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