Young Graph Theory Day X

January 15, 2003
Budova MFF UK Malostranské nám. 25
posluchárna S5

14:30 S. Jendrol (UPJŠ Košice): Total irregular labellings of graphs
15:00 D. Fronček (U of Minnesota Duluth): Decompositions of complete graphs into spanning caterpillars with small diameters
15:30 M. Pergel (MFF UK Praha): How complicated polygons are needed to represent intersection graphs
16:00 T. Ebelendr (MÚ AV ČR Praha): Optimal and online preemptive scheduling on uniformly related machines
16:30 R. Kužel (ZČU Plzen): Hamiltonian properties of line graphs and dominating cycles in snarks
17:00 J. Fiala (MFF UK Praha): On independent representatives in graphs and cographs

Organizuje Katedra aplikované matematiky KAM MFF UK a Institut Teoretické Informatiky ITI MFF UK.